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Peter Fitzgerald, Founder

As an avid cyclist, runner and veteran of several marathons, I know the importance of adequate hydration while training and competing in physical activities. The idea for the Hydrathon pack came about during a conversation with friends discussing our favorite rides and the physical challenges we faced. Riding in hotter climates or at higher altitudes required more water than we were capable of carrying on our bikes and more than we could comfortably wear on our backs. We thought: “why isn’t there a product that uses the frame of the bicycle to help maximize the amount of water that can be carried?” Then we thought: “why donít we make it?” Since we like to participate in different types of activities and in a variety of environments throughout the year, we also wanted our product to be as flexible as possible. We think Hydrathon offers the best of both worlds: a hands free hydration system that allows for more comfortable rides and offers superior utility and value. We hope you like it.

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Product Reviews

Paul: Avid Cyclist

“Hydrathon works great on longer road rides as well as my off-road rides in the woods. It is comfortable and unobtrusive on my back or on my bike.”

Zack Teachout: Tri-Athlete

“I have become used to emptying both water bottles during long rides, Hydrathon has allowed me to add distance and continuity to my training. No longer having to reach for a bottle or pay attention to my rate of consumption is great!”